Millstream (Penthouse Systems) Ltd is a specialist supplier of military tentage systems providing protection for personnel and equipment in harsh environments.

Development and provision of thermally insulated, IRR and NBC protected systems and complex tentage systems has seen MPSL become a market leader in its field, meeting both small specialist and large humanitarian and military infrastructure requirements.

Using innovative designs with the latest computer aided design tools coupled with selective and specialist materials MPSL provides rugged, durable and cost effective systems that can answer today's deployment requirements whilst surviving today's military environments.

Working closely with prime contractors such as Anteon UK, G3, General Dynamics, Thales, Dytecna, BAe Systems, Insys, Marshall's of Cambridge and MSI Defence Systems, MPSL has provided a wide range of tentage solutions, shelter applications and protective cover systems for environments ranging from DEF STAN 00-35 A1 to C3. Systems have been fully chamber tested at DRA Chertsey and at commercial establishments.

Over the last few years MPSL has specialised in the NBC field, with emphasis on the design and manufacture of NBC COLPRO Systems. MPSL is currently supplying the military with NBC Unhardened Collective Protection Systems (UCPS), chemical covers and entry/exit units for vehicles, containers, buildings and tentage complexes, using rapid erect and standard deployment systems.

We have recently introduced the new generation of Chemical Agent Resistant Material, CARM 2000, which has undergone stringent testing at DCTA Colchester and Porton Down, passing the necessary criteria. This material has superseded the old CARM (see CARM data).

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