Millstream (Penthouse Systems) Ltd

MPSL has gained expertise over a number of years developing and supplying specialised materials for military use, as well as being heavily involved in the design, development & manufacture of several different products for the UK MoD.

We supply a large number of different entry/exit systems and stand-alone Colpro & Unhardened Collective Protective systems (UCPs). These systems are being deployed with vehicles, containers, buildings and tentage complexes such as hospital or accommodation units, either as NBC or non-NBC for the UK MOD and overseas military organisations.

With the assistance of the UK MoD we have developed, over recent years, CARM (Chemical Agent Resistant Material) which is used in today’s modern battlefield environment as protection for vehicles and logistic equipment. It is also utilised in the fabrication of NBC Colpro Systems, as the material offers the user total protection from liquid contamination produced by droplets falling through the atmosphere. This material is also ideally suited for deployment by civil defence organisations.

MPSL is accredited ISO 9001 2000. We employ our own in-house design team, using the latest software.

Product Range

  • Chemical Agent Resistant Material
  • NBC Colpro Tentage
  • Non-NBC Tentage
  • Camouflage Systems
  • Sleeping Platforms
  • Traffic Sign equipment
  • Other textiles/ Tarpaulins/ Insect Nets
  • Thermal Materials
  • Steel / Aluminium Components
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